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agsm-blue-boxThe AGSM ‘blue binders’ have been a status symbol on leaders’ shelves for decades.

A way to boast about your MBA without boasting about your MBA.

But binders full of printed material aren’t the best way to support technology-enabled learning.

Something had to change…

…but some things had to stay the same.

From ‘Blue Binder’ to ‘Blue Box’

The ‘blue binders’ have been replaced by a ‘blue box’, containing everything MBA students need for digitally-enabled learning.

  • An iPad, with its own custom AGSM blue cover.
  • An AGSM blue notebook. (Even digital students may want to make quick diagrammatic sketches. Or just have ‘low-tech’ moments!)
  • An elegant pen with integrated iPad stylus.
  • A ‘spinning top’ executive toy which reflects the star design of the AGSM logo.

All these items are carefully packed and presented to create a welcome gift which is more than the sum of its parts.

For the individual student, the ‘Blue Box’ is a symbolic and physical statement that he or she has arrived at AGSM.

For the class, they’re an early chance to share an experience of discovery and build bonds.

student-opening-agsm-blue-box agsm-blue-box-welcome-note

Fulfilling the ‘Blue Box’ vision

Xpadite’s fulfilment team handled all the assembly and presentation to deliver this memorable package. We coordinated the delivery of each standalone item to our warehouse, where they were stored until everything was on-site. Then the assembly work began.

  • Individual blue wrapping for the pens and tops.
  • Custom blue tissue paper to reinforce the AGSM brand.
  • Careful and consistent positioning of each item within the box. Not just to protect each one of them, but to deliver an exciting and inspirational discovery experience when unpacking.
  • A welcome message from the AGSM.
  • Finally, a beautifully finished cardboard sleeve to protect the blue box itself. Printed with the UNSW and AGSM logos, custom die-cut with a pattern of AGSM stars.

‘The whole team went above and beyond to make sure our products were delivered in the best condition, on time and that every student had a great discovery experience when opening the boxes.’

agsm-blue-box-sleeveWe’re delighted that the MBA students themselves appreciated that experience.

‘I received my iPad this morning. Notably, I thought the overall presentation “Package” was extremely professional, and a credit to the future-looking school.’


Xpadite are storing surplus ‘Blue Boxes’ until the next intake of MBA students at AGSM. With the course remaining so popular, we’re looking forward to the next round of deliveries, and assembling yet more blue boxes for future students.


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