Award Winning Packaging 2015

2015 is nearly over. In the midst of the pre-Christmas rush, we’ve collected some of our favourite samples of award winning packaging from Australia and around the globe.

Enjoy! Get inspired!

Award Winning Promotional Packaging

Let’s start with the Australian Packaging Design Award Gold Winner.

award-winning-packaging-footy-waterAFL Footy Water.

All the coaches drank it. It was sold at Woolworths.

Apparently the brief was ‘to develop a PET water bottle that replicates the traditional Sherrin football shape and simultaneously promote water consumption and an active lifestyle. The challenge was that after consumption, the bottle had to be robust enough that it could be kicked around like a football‘.

But was this award-winning packaging a real-life promotional success? A quick Google of ‘AFL footy water’ suggests maybe not. There are over half a million results, but the top few aren’t positive. Woolworths don’t have a picture yet. comment that ‘making a grown man drink out of a novelty bottle is a bit humiliating’. And how about this from a forum?



Coopers Artisan Reserve

award-winning-packaging-coopersThis promotional packaging scored a bronze at the Awards. It was designed to promote a newly launched craft lager from Coopers Brewery.

The promotional approach was completely different from the AFL footy water. This wasn’t a mass-market bottle, this was packaging to impress a select group of influencers. It was intended to gain publicity and reviews. And it seems to have worked. Check out this post on the Eating Adelaide blog, or this post from Rick Besserdin, a beer fanatic.

Maybe one reason the team at Xpadite like this is because it reminds us of the work we did for Taylors Visionary. The same emphasis on story and tradition. The same focus on the taste and quality of the product.

award-winning-packaging-whiskyAward Winning Luxury Packaging

The Girvan Patent Still Single Grain Whisky

While we’re on the subject of presentation packs, how about this one?

This superb presentation box took out Best Of Show at the prestigious UK Luxury Packaging Awards.

Great retail packaging for luxury items delivers in three ways:

  • raises the perception of value and hence the price
  • protects the product itself
  • stands out on crowded retail shelves.

This award-winning presentation box fulfils on all three criteria.

Nabeel Perfumes

This company won gold twice at the same Luxury Packaging Awards.  You can spot luxury design themes in the perfume collection and the shopping bag.

Black and gold. The sheen of metallic. Luxury finishes. High attention to detail.

award-winning-packaging-perfume award-winning-packaging-shopping-bag

Love it!

Award Winning Practical Packaging

Not all packaging is as spectacular and luxurious as these examples. But all packaging – or at least all good packaging – must be practical.

It should protect the product. During bulk transportation, where handling may be rough. On the shelf. On the way home with the final purchaser.

It’s satisfying that the Australian Packaging Design Awards include an ‘Industrial’ category. It’s also satisfying that the judges noted ‘a quality set of entrants illustrating clear benefits across the entire supply chain and an efficient use of materials.’

Like this example.

award-winning-packaging-metal-detectorMinelab GPZ 7000 Metal Detector

This packaging is cleverly designed in many ways.

  • all elements pack compactly to save space (and cost) in transit
  • custom-moulded to the items to avoid movement and potential damage
  • the moulded pulp tray is low-cost, can use recycled materials and be recycled again.

Hungry Jacks

award-winning-packaging-hungry-jacksThe fast food chain also picked up a prize for their innovative burger packaging.

Features to notice here include:

  • easy-carry handles
  • easy-lift cover
  • burger and chips are separated
  • raised area for burger so bottom bun doesn’t get soggy
  • once again, low cost and recyclable cardboard.


So that’s our pick of award winning packaging from 2015. We look forward to more innovative, practical and inspiring packaging in 2016!