Corporate Gift Ideas for Christmas 2015

corporate-gift-presentation-boxChristmas decorations are in the shops already.

Has your business started planning yet?

If not, you need to start now!

We’ve put together some guidelines and corporate gift ideas which might help.

8 Guidelines for Corporate Giving

1. Set a budget before you start.

Think about all the people you want to give gifts to. Whether it’s clients, prospects, suppliers or staff, work out how many there are and how much you’ve got to spend in total.

Then divide your budget carefully.  If you’re giving to clients and prospects, you may want to spend more on the most important relationships – but remember, people may talk and compare what they got. For staff, the best policy is to give everyone gifts of the same value. Otherwise you’re simply telling some of your team that you care less about them than you do about their colleagues.

2. Spend time to get the right gifts rather than money to get expensive gifts.

It seems obvious, but it’s easy to forget. It’s the thought that counts.

3. Make sure your corporate gifts comply with company policy. Yours and your client’s!

The more expensive the gift, the more likely you are to run foul of company policy. (Luxury gifts can also backfire if the client decides you’re making too much money out of them, so be careful!)

Another option is to give a group gift such as a food hamper to the entire client team. This is less difficult for decision-makers than a gift they and they alone get to keep.

4. Presentation matters.

Great gifts come in fantastic packaging. Once again, you want to demonstrate time and effort. You want your gift to look as if you care. To be special. To make an impact.

If you need help with custom packaging, Xpadite have plenty of experience.

5. Logos are for promotional items, not gifts.

Maybe not if  you’re a cult brand like Apple or Harley-Davidson. But most of us aren’t. Customers and staff don’t generally want to be walking billboards for our company.

If you really do need to have your logo, consider putting it on the packaging rather than the gift. Or give items like lollies or gift cards.

Another option is to use your company colours, with possibly a small and discreet logo.

6. Personalised, but not personal.

Personalisation is one way of showing that this gift was planned for a specific person. So the recipient is more likely to feel special and appreciate the gift.
Personal gifts, however, run the risk of being misunderstood. This is especially true when giving to someone of the opposite sex.
There’s a fine line to tread between giving something which matches the individual’s interests and giving something which is too intimate.

7. Be careful with humour.

Not everyone thinks the same things are funny.

8. Consider religious sensibilities.

December is a prime season for gift giving, but not everyone is Christian. Those of other faiths may be offended by Christmas wording.

It’s not just wording either. Wine won’t go down well with Muslims. And food hampers can present all kinds of challenges!

So, bearing all those points in mind, what can you give this festive season?  We’ve divided our ideas into a few categories.

Corporate gift ideas – food and drink

  • corporate-gift-ideas-chocolate-bouquetWine. As mentioned above, make sure the recipients like and drink wine. It’s not a great option for Muslims or pregnant women. You might also check whether the recipient prefers red, white or bubbly.
    Substitute options include luxury tea or coffee selections. Or foodies may like flavoured vinegars or other condiments.
  • Food hampers. The trick here is to check carefully what’s in the hamper. Consider dietary restrictions based on religion or allergies.
  • Chocolates. These are a safe but unimaginative option. Make sure they’re nicely wrapped, so at least they can be passed on.
  • Food bouquets. This is a great option if you’d like to give something to the whole team. Choose chocolates, lollies or fruits depending on the group you’re giving to. Vary the size, or order more than one for bigger groups.
    Bouquets are all about presentation, so you don’t have to worry about giftwrapping. Just add a message so they know it’s from you. Or you can hand-deliver – all smart salespeople know it’s great to have the receptionist and the PA on your side! (This bouquet came from Edible Blooms, who deliver Australia-wide.)

Business-focused corporate gift ideas

There are more imaginative ideas out there than a personalised pen or desk calendar.

  • For frequent travelers, try a travel pillow. Or a passport cover or suitcase tags – add their name for a personal touch.
  • Novelty USBs were all the rage a year or two ago. How about a novelty mouse? Even better if you can make it something which relates to your business. (And if you have an idea but you can’t find the product, ask Xpadite. It’s exactly the kind of strategic sourcing project we enjoy – as long as you have the quantity.)
  • How about a business book? Pick something relevant to your clients, or to the work you do for them.

corporate-gift-ideas-car-mouse corporate-gift-ideas-ladybird-mouse

Giving the gift of choice

Gift cards and vouchers – you may love them or you may loathe them.

On the plus side, your clients or staff can use them to get what they really want.  Prepaid Visa cards are the most flexible of all, or you can opt for movie vouchers, or store cards, or many other options.

On the downside, they may seem like a last minute lazy option.

To avoid that ‘no care‘ impression, take care with the card and the presentation. If you have enough volume, you can get gift cards custom printed. For smaller quantities, use a folder and luxury packaging to make the card special. This is one case where you can use your logo freely, since the card will be taken out before use. You can personalise too.  Luxury-look presentation doesn’t have to break the bank either – here’s one way to get a metallic embossed look without breaking the bank.

Corporate gift ideas which share the love

The ‘Christmas spirit’ is originally about giving rather than receiving. How about donating to a charity rather than giving a gift? This is also an option when company policy doesn’t allow your clients to receive anything from suppliers.

If you know what charities clients support, you can donate direct. Or you can leave the choice to them.

My Cause gift cards put the decision power back in your clients’ hands. Or maybe they’d prefer to support entrepreneurs in the developing world via microfinance provider Kiva?

corporate-gift-ideas-bike-chain-clockOriginal and Unusual Corporate Gift Ideas

Original gifts are more likely to be remembered. But they’re also more risky.

One option is to take a standard ‘safe’ gift and reinterpret it with an unusual angle. If that angle reflects your business, so much the better.

For bike shops, engineers or other technical companies, how about this fabulous clock from Resource Revival?

corporate-gift-ideas-cactus-candleFor garden centres or florists, cactus candles would be a better fit.

When it comes to gifts like these, your imagination is the limit.


Here’s hoping this gets your creative juices flowing on some great corporate gift ideas for you and your business.

Now all you need to do is find what you want!  Happy hunting!

By the way, if there’s something you really want and you can’t find it anywhere, ask us. We may not be able to source it for this year, but it’s not too early to start planning for Christmas 2016. (How do you think all those Christmas decorations got into the shops already this year?!?)