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direct-mail-letterboxEven in this digital age, neuroscientific research demonstrates how a physical marketing piece can increase emotional engagement.  Exactly what you want to build brand or drive response to an offer!

Whether you want a letterbox drop or a fully personalised, targeted offer, Xpadite can help.

With a network of suppliers across every stage of direct mail from list selection to artwork to printing, collation and delivery, we can manage the entire process to ensure a smooth experience and maximise response and results.

Unaddressed Mail

Research by the Australian Catalogue Association indicates 87% of all recipients read unaddressed advertising.  The letterbox drop remains one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to reach everyone in a specified area.

It’s not just catalogues either.  Postcards, leaflets and flyers are commonly sent out via unaddressed mail.  Or perhaps you want something more –  a special diecut shape to help your message stand out, or want fridge magnets so your contact details stay in front of potential customers long after your campaign is done, or a product sample.

The Xpadite advantage includes a far-reaching network of suppliers which means we can fulfil all these needs and more.

Addressdirect-mail-processinged Mail

Personalised mail to your own database has great cut-through and is trusted and accepted by recipients – in fact it’s the preferred method of contact for members and supporters of charities, sporting clubs and organisations.  You also have the opportunity to segment and personalise in whatever ways suit your organisation, including mailmerge fields or variable image processing.

If you’re sending out newsletters or magazines, we can organise all steps from print to addressing to delivery.  We can also store extra issues with all your other printed materials and brand collateral, so that they are readily available for promotional kitting, trade shows or delivery to retail outlets.

Or if you’re using external lists, we can assist with database processing tasks like de-duplication and address matching.

The mailhouses in our supplier network are all Bulk Mail Partners, ensuring you get the most cost-effective rates from Australia Post for all direct mail campaigns we manage.  Clients benefit from our volume negotiating power as well.  And needless to say our suppliers are fully equipped for specialist tasks such as intelligent insertion, plastic wrapping, collation, folding and pressure sealing.

So why not ask Xpadite to show we can help you make your direct mail more efficient and more effective?


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