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e-commerce-fulfilment-warehouseMaking your e-commerce fulfilment easy

Online retailers come in all shapes and sizes, from the start-up in the spare bedroom to household names like Amazon to traditional retailers like Coles.  All face challenges with e-commerce fulfilment.  If you’re reading this, the chances are you do too!

E-commerce fulfilment is one order at a time

If you’re a start-up or a small retailer, this may not seem a problem to you.

At first.  You store the stock in your spare room or your shop.  Then once a day in the quiet time, you catch up on all your online orders.  You pick and pack the orders yourself, then take them to the Post Office, or arrange a daily pickup from your delivery company.

Then you start to grow.  Your e-commerce fulfilment takes more space, more effort, more time.  And it happens when you can’t afford the time.  You need to review which marketing works; to refine your range now you have more clients and know what sells best, to explore new options for marketing.  You don’t want to spend time packing boxes.  Or negotiating delivery rates.  Or handwriting messages for gift orders.

That’s why you need someone like Xpadite to look after your fulfilment.  Find out more today.

Established players with multiple locations and an existing logistics set-up face other challenges.

Whether your logistics is in-house or third party, it’s probably used to full pallets, regular scheduled deliveries and a smaller number of delivery addresses.  When you start selling online, you have to address different demands.

  • Real-time stock statuses
  • Increased pick and pack work as most orders are smaller
  • Smaller consignments, often one item at a time, which are not cost-effective under your current rates
  • Shipping to addresses anywhere in Australia, or even overseas

You can re-engineer all your existing processes – or you can use the e-commerce fulfilment services of experts like Xpadite to get this new business looked after properly, with minimum hassle so you are free to focus on your core business.

Meeting the high service expectations of online buyers

Whether your business is big or small, if you want to succeed online you have to satisfy demanding customers.  E-commerce fulfilment requirements include:

  • prompt despatch of orders.  Xpadite ship goods ordered before noon the same day.  Later orders are despatched the next day by default.  If that’s not fast enough for you, let’s discuss what else we can do!
  • signature on receipt.  The last thing you want is disputes about whether goods were received and lost sales, especially for high-value items.
  • flexible delivery options.  Xpadite works with a range of delivery companies at local, state, national and international levels.  We use our total volume to negotiate cost-effective rates for shipments of any size to anywhere in Australia.  We can also offer different delivery lead times if you have some clients needing express delivery and others who want to pay less for a standard service.
  • gift wrapping and personalisation.  These finishing touches make all the difference to your brand.  They can really help grow your business.
  • a system for managing returns.  Clearly this depends on the goods and on your company policies.  Please contact Xpadite to discuss your specific situation and requirements in more detail.

E-commerce fulfilment is your first physical customer touchpoint

Make this opportunity count!  Engage your customers with techniques such as custom packaging, vouchers, catalogues and promotions.

Whether you need to source custom packaging; print vouchers and catalogues, or simply include items you already have with orders, our Xpadite team have services to help.  Maybe that’s why existing clients call us ‘the perfect partner’?  (Check out this and other testimonials here.)

Do you want to solve your e-commerce fulfilment headaches and focus on growing and marketing your business?  Talk to Xpadite today about how to do it.












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