Foil embossing – an affordable alternative

foil-embossing-effectFoil embossing can make a job look spectacular.  It adds luxury and looks expensive.

Unfortunately, foil is expensive in reality as well as appearance.

There’s the cost of creating a custom die, plus the cost of the embossing process itself.  When you’re looking at short runs for items like invitations, awards or certificates, the cost per piece can be extremely high.

In this recent project, Xpadite managed to achieve a luxury foil effect without the expense of foil embossing.

Our client gives gift cards to staff to recognise long service or other significant achievements.  They wanted to add a presentation folder to make cards seem more special and to mark the occasion better – and the presentation folder had to look high-class.  This was the motivation behind a black-and-silver design.  Yet on a small run (you have to be a really big multinational to have thousands of staff getting long service awards!), there were a lot of finishing costs.  Foil embossing, die-cutting, folding and gluing: – the price per piece was getting very high.

Xpadite’s simple solution removed the need for the foil embossing process altogether.

All we did was reverse the job.  Instead of embossing foil onto black stock, we printed black onto a foil-like metallic stock.

The stock was a little more expensive, but on a short run, stock is not the major cost anyway.  Against that, we saved the costs of having a die made; the foil itself and the whole setup and process of foil embossing.  It made the budget look much better with minimal impact on the end result.

The result is still a classy folder which enhances the sense of appreciation the company aims to convey.

foil-embossing-folder   foil-embossing-gold-class


Of course this technique isn’t always suitable.  Or maybe you have the budget for a standard foil embossing job.  Whatever your needs and priorities, why not have a chat with Xpadite to discuss your specific needs.  We have the experience to advise on different options.  Plus we’re independent of our print and finishing suppliers, so we can find the best supplier to suit your job.


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