In-store Marketing for Kiwi Shoe Care

in-store-marketing-kiwi-brochure-fanThe Challenge

Kiwi may well be the first brand you think of for shoe care, but market leaders can’t relax!

Kiwi wanted to offer in-store marketing materials including shoe care information brochures for consumers browsing or buying shoes.  The aim was to provide added value for customers and build Kiwi’s reputation as shoe care experts, driving brand recognition and loyalty.  As an added benefit, the brochures would promote some of Kiwi’s less well-known shoe care products to generate extra sales.

There was just one problem.  Retailers don’t like stacks of loose print in their stores, and the traditional solution (pad on a hook) didn’t give enough space  for all the information Kiwi wanted to share.

The Solution

in-store-marketing-kiwi-brochure-openThe Xpadite team put their heads together and came up with some ingenious solutions:

Redesign the in-store marketing material from standard brochure style to a ‘tear-off  brochure pad’ format.   This format allows for more content than would fit on a normal tear-off pad, but avoids the loose paper which retail stores hate.

in-store-marketing-kiwi-brochure-packPrepare each pad by hole-punching, adding a cable tie for easy attachment to retail units, then shrink-wrapping to keep the tie with the pad.  With the marketing material for each store packed together, it’s quick, easy and efficient for merchandisers to set things up in store.  No boxes of ties to drop or forget, so the merchandisers are happy, plus they can service more stores in the same time.

The Results

The campaign was trialled in one major retailer and was so successful that pads were reprinted and rolled out to other retail outlets.

Can we make your in-store marketing materials more effective?  Contact Xpadite today for a no-obligation discussion.


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