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Do your campaigns require kitting – the collation of different marketing collateral, promotional items and so on into packs for distribution?  Unless you have the volume to employ people full-time for this work, the hidden costs of doing it in-house can be huge.  Not to mention the opportunity cost of what else your team could be doing.

Get your time back for something more value-added!  kitting-bagUse Xpadite’s kitting services when producing:

  • Marketing kits for sales representatives
  • Point of sale packs
  • Information packs
  • Membership packs
  • Gift packs
  • Competition prize packs
  • Show bags

Our warehouse includes ample space for kitting operations, as well as storage space for all your printed and other collateral.  So all you need to do is check your inventory, give us instructions, then sit back and relax.  Your kits will be created and delivered just as you want them.

Not only can we do the kitting for you, but we can also help with sourcing bags, promotional giveaways or other campaign items.

Push Marketing

push-marketing-retail-promosPush marketing is a natural extension of kitting services.  In our experience it’s especially useful for retailers and their suppliers, who face challenges getting marketing displayed to end consumers across the country.  Delivering your POS and other marketing collateral direct to store, just in time, ensures more POS displays when you really want them.

When your campaigns require delivery of materials to multiple locations for synchronised launches, or rapid roll-out through a sales channel, ask Xpadite.  We can project manage tight timelines and short delivery windows to ensure all your marketing collateral hits at the same time for maximum impact.  This includes timing store deliveries to coincide with other marketing campaign activities like TV, radio or print media.


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