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Three ways product assembly can benefit youproduct-assembly-wine

1. Drive sales through promotional campaigns

Gift packs and presentation packs are a vital part of retail promotion.  In the run-up to Christmas, every store you go into will offer a range of gift packs.  Perfumes, beauty products, wine, gourmet food.  Fashion accessories.  Toys.  Books, music and DVDs.

Then there’s Valentine’s Day.  Mother’s Day.  Product launches.  Anniversary special editions.

Every promotional or gift pack has been developed to help increase sales.  And every pack needs product assembly.

Promo packs are generally lower volume than normal products.  They have a short lifespan.  They’re often labour-intensive.  Your long-term suppliers may not be set up to manage them.  That’s where a product assembly specialist like Xpadite can help.

We have the manpower, space and experience to assemble your promotional SKUs accurately and efficiently.

2. Simplify your operations

You may be combining multiple stock items to make one pack.  You may be adding premiums.  You may be mixing two or more brands which are usually sold separately.  You probably have custom packaging for each promotional pack.

You are usually working to strict deadlines.  So the pressure to deliver is high.  And you have the rest of the campaign to look after too.  Advertising, POS, direct mail, your website and online marketing support.

Wouldn’t you rather focus on the areas?  They’re where your expertise will make a difference.  Why not leave the operational detail to a trusted partner and relax knowing everything is in safe hands.

3. Reduce freight and storage costs

For bulky or fragile items, shipping cost is significant.  Shipping different parts to a local warehouse for final product assembly can cut transport costs by 10% or more. This easily offsets the higher labour cost of local versus overseas labour.

A product assembly partner you can rely on

Xpadite’s business is designed to handle complex and varied fulfilment tasks.  You can see one example on our blog here.  We are used to tight campaign deadlines and we pride ourselves on attention to detail and timeliness.

product-assembly-planningOur warehouse includes large assembly areas especially planned for product assembly and other fulfilment tasks.

When we start your project, a dedicated project manager meets with you to make sure we understand your needs precisely.  They then work with the team to ensure all instructions are clear and easy to follow.  So you can stop worrying about operational details and focus on the rest of your campaign or business.

For further information or to discuss your specific product assembly needs, contact Xpadite today.



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