Helping Taylors Wines Fulfil Their Vision

Taylors officially launched their  Cabernet Sauvignon Vintage 2009 ‘The Visionary’ today.

Xpadite were intimately involved in the preparation for this pinnacle product.  We managed printed collateral including a marketing brochure for the trade; The Visionary letterhead and custom envelopes for mailing to trade and consumers; trade flyers, and of course the vintage booklet included in the box with the wine itself, which like the hand-torn label uses paper stock sourced from an Italian mill founded in 1717.

taylors visionary-wine-bottleWe’re really pleased with the feedback from Taylor’s too:

We could not have done this with your efforts and I hope that you can take the opportunity to pause and reflect on an amazing job amazingly well done as part of a team that has left no stone unturned to truly deliver a product that is out of the box.

Don’t forget to share the video of The Visionary with anyone who you think might be interested and remind them of who the best strategic sourcing team is in the country!!


Thanks, Jon!  It’s great to have our hard work recognised.


And it’s just as good to hear the positive reaction from shoppers at Nuance, where some fantastic  displays were set up for the launch:



“One, an Aussie I know, in finance, and one English Cathay pilot, both living in H.K., took 2 each. Both wanted to avoid the number 4 and the pilot got lucky with an 8 in each number!”


(The Chinese consider the number 4 unlucky since it sounds very similar to ‘death’ – while the Chinese for 8 is close to that for fortune, so it’s a lucky number.)


Update 19 November: The Visionary has been featured in the ‘Packaging of the World’ Creative Design gallery – check it out for more details.


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