The 2016 Marketing Mix


Do you have your 2016 marketing plan sorted out yet?

Most people we know are running around like crazy trying to get 2015 finished off.

But it’s worth taking a bit of time out to think about next year.

To start planning your 2016 marketing mix.

A well-balanced marketing plan will have a mix of channels.

Both offline and online. TV, radio, magazines, events, email, search, social…

In fact, many of the experts are saying it’s time to forget the divide between digital and traditional. It’s all marketing after all!

What that means is that multi-channel, integrated marketing will be the way to go. And of course we’re biased, but all the research suggests that including print in your marketing mix will help deliver great results. Here’s the data to back up that claim!

1. Adding print advertising to the marketing mix (US)

A recent meta-analysis by Millward Brown reviewed 100 advertising studies with 250,000 respondents. It looked at the effectiveness of different multi-channel options.

  • online and print
  • online and TV
  • print and TV
  • online and print and TV

Adding print to the mix improved results across a whole slew of measures. But one really stood out.

Adding print to an online and TV campaign doubled brand favourability and intent to buy!


It’s also worth noting that more repetition is possible in print. TV and online show diminishing returns after 4 exposures. Positive response to print continues to grow with 5 exposures, or even more.

2. Letterbox media drives consumer action (Europe)

Research by ELMA (European Letterbox Marketing Association) in 2014 shows that letterbox media is far from dead. Annual spend across 18 countries totals around 3.9 billion euros!

Why spend so much? Because it’s effective. After reading letterbox media, consumers take action. They don’t just visit shops, although 75% do that. A staggering 89% go online.

More evidence that online and offline need to work together!


3. Catalogues are a winner for offline and offline retailers

Harvard Business Review reported on this in February. Read the full article or just skim the quotes from senior marketers below. It’s clear catalogues are worth the investment!

20% of first-time customers place orders after receiving a catalogue. They spend one and a half times as much as new shoppers who didn’t receive a catalogue first.

Craig Elbert, Vice-President Marketing, Bonobos

L.L.Bean is experimenting with the catalogues it sends to regular website shoppers. They look for frequent website visitors and ask, “Can I only send her 50 pages, or 20, as a reminder of, ‘Oh, I’ve got to go to the website’?”

Steve Fuller, Chief Marketing Officer, LL Bean

4. Your 2016 marketing mix needs a plan to get round adblocking

In 2015, there are 198 million active adblock users around the world. That’s an increase of 41% in just 12 months.
The cost to publishers is an estimated US$22 billion.

(All statistics from the PageFair Ad Blocking Report.)

So how are you going to reach those internet users? Maybe it’s time to try something offline?

Maybe, going by another print trend this year, you should add an adult colouring book in your marketing mix.  With careful product placement and subliminal ‘buy’ messages…


Of course the last comment wasn’t entirely serious. Even if it would be fun to produce. But we do hope the statistics give you a reason to include some kind of print in your 2016 marketing mix.

And if you need any help with campaign planning or implementation, just get in touch!