World’s Biggest Magazine

worlds-biggest-magazineCongratulations to UK content marketers River Group and printers Polestar on their new Guinness World Record!

A one-off issue of ‘Healthy’ magazine is the world’s biggest magazine ever, with the following amazing statistics.

  • 3.055m high
  • 2.35m wide
  • required 9.3 litres of ink
  • took 14 hours to print
  • 6 hours to trim
  • 5.5 hours to assemble

Obviously it’s not meant to be sold at the newsagents. We wouldn’t like to send it via direct mail either!

The magazine is in fact part of a campaign River Group are running to highlight the importance of print in content marketing.

‘…everybody these days is saying it’s all about digital and social media and not about print. While we have a thriving digital, social media and, indeed, video business, for us print is still at the heart of a lot of what we do for our clients.’

So says their CEO Nicola Murphy.

Recent research by Two Sides UK supports her statement. 83% of all respondents state a clear preference for reading print on paper.

As we mentioned last month, even the digital natives of Generation Y like print. They’ve grown up learning to ignore the marketing messages in their inboxes, but print is ‘real’ in a way digital isn’t.  And even daily papers or leaflets in the letterbox last a little longer than the average email.

Whether it’s letterbox media or direct mail, a printed piece usually has less direct competition for the consumer’s attention. So your message has more chance of getting noticed. Two Sides also found that nearly 4 out of 5 are more relaxed reading on paper than on screen.

So if you’re trying to build connections with your target market, don’t forget print! (You can also read our articles on measuring and improving print ROI and tips for more effective direct mail.)

Click here to watch a video about the world’s biggest magazine.